What's the cheapest month to go to vegas?

For the cheapest schedules, visit during the midseason, from September to November and from January to April. You can even find low rates during the summer when the city is at its hottest. However, avoid major holidays and try to get stays started on Sundays, when the weekend crowds clear up. The cheapest months to visit Las Vegas are December, January, July and August.

Prices fall most in mid-December, just before the holidays, and in January, after the New Year. Flights and hotels are also cheaper on weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) than on weekends (Friday to Saturday). The cheapest time to visit Las Vegas is December and January, with July and August in second place. But if you can't travel when it's cheaper, try to at least avoid traveling at a time when flights and hotels are much more expensive.

There aren't many conventions, and the main attractions of the month of June are nightclubs and big pool parties. Although there are fewer conventions this month, it's the beginning of summer, and by the end of the month, Las Vegas is packed to the brim. Not only are hotel rates incredibly expensive during the month of October, but they only get worse as the month goes by. The weather in Las Vegas is much cooler in November and there will be fewer visitors than in previous months.

If you want to get the best rates when booking a flight to Las Vegas, make sure to buy your tickets to Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) at least one month in advance. During this month, flights tend to be 15 percent cheaper than the rest of the year, and that's probably because January is the coldest month in Las Vegas. It's impossible to compare nighttime rates in July with nighttime rates in December, as hotels only show legitimate prices within about 3 months. Because of this, it can be difficult to plan an itinerary in Las Vegas if you want to find the cheapest times to visit it.

If you want to be more sure that you're getting the best rates, make sure to book your flight at least a month in advance. Now that you know when to get the cheapest rates when you travel to Las Vegas, here are some of the additional ways you can save even more. Although these are usually the cheapest times to travel to Las Vegas, there may be some years when it will be more expensive due to seasonal prices that change from year to year and scheduled events in the city. When it comes to booking hotel rooms, the cheapest time to do so is in January, February and March during the week (Sunday to Thursday).

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