What month is the cheapest to fly to vegas?

Cheapest months to fly to Las Vegas are January, February, April and September. Prices may rise during March, July and December. Currently, January is the cheapest month to book a flight to Las Vegas. Flying to Las Vegas in June will be the most expensive.

There are several factors that influence the price of a flight, so comparing airlines, departure airports and schedules can help keep costs low. Budget-conscious travelers can find cheap flights to Las Vegas and cheap hotels off the Strip, leaving a little more room in the checkbook to enjoy the Las Vegas scene. Blackjack tables, choristers, neon lights and Elvis impersonators: you'll find it all when you book a flight to Las Vegas. With KAYAK you can also compare airline ticket prices for last minute flights to Las Vegas from anywhere in the United States.

American Airlines, Southwest and Alaska Airlines have waived exchange and cancellation fees on flights to Las Vegas Harry Reid Intl airport. Las Vegas is a year-round destination and travelers can always find airfare deals on flights from Las Vegas. However, there are times of year when Las Vegas is at its peak and when travelers can find the best deals on flights and hotels in Las Vegas. The summer months may be the best time to find the cheapest flights to Las Vegas, but the weather can reach extreme temperatures due to the desert location.

When you find your flights to Las Vegas, try to see if major business conferences are taking place, as this can affect the price of flights. You can usually find the cheapest flights to Las Vegas in November, although the prices are generally very similar every month, except for May, June, July and August, which is the most expensive time to book your flights to Las Vegas. If you want to leave Las Vegas to travel around the country or the world, Cheapflights can help you find flights to almost anywhere. This may be the cheapest option, but it has many stops, so if you prefer to go to your hotel and relax, take a taxi.

Fall and winter are generally good times of year to fly to Las Vegas, as the weather conditions are cooler. These holidays are particularly popular in the city of Sin, so you'll want to avoid them if you want to travel during off-peak hours and get cheap flights. Let your children burn energy in the children's play area or explore the Aviation Museum's historic flight displays. Flights to Las Vegas from New York City usually last about five hours, while flights from Dallas, Texas, usually last about two and a half hours.

Most major airlines offer direct flights to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada, making it easy to search for flights from your preferred provider.

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