What are the slow months in vegas?

The slowest times of the year are parts of January and February, from the end of June to August, the week before Christmas and the week after the New Year. If you're having an important convention during your trip, you may want to change the date. Contact the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (tel. Not surprisingly, the colder months of November, December, January and February were the least crowded and cheapest times to visit Las Vegas.

Those months had the lowest visitor count, occupancy and average room rates (with the exception of January). Read on as we look at Las Vegas vacations and the busiest times to visit Las Vegas. According to a study, October also has the highest average hotel prices than any other month of the year, so if you're looking for a cheap trip, travel during July or December. Although the desert can be very cold in winter, December is one of the best months to visit Las Vegas.

In addition, monthly statistics, such as average fare and visitors, are based on specific conventions, sporting events, or holidays that are popular for traveling to Las Vegas. The second NASCAR event of the year in Las Vegas is held every October, which is also the month in which the Golden Knights (the Las Vegas NHL hockey team) begin their season, which runs until early June. In addition, I would like to see the hotel rates for a specific property, Flamingo, for example, and see their rates per night during the month you want to visit. The slowest months in Las Vegas usually include the week before Thanksgiving and the month of December before Christmas, when people are busy getting ready for the holidays and money tends to be tighter for most family budgets.

If the heat doesn't bother you or if you can hike to the colder temperatures in state parks, chances are you'll find great deals in Las Vegas during the months of July and August. As befits the home of hundreds of casinos, the World Series of Poker is held in Las Vegas every year and last for almost three months. Use the convention calendar linked to this blog post or simply check the room rates of a single hotel over the course of a month to assess which dates you should avoid compared to the dates you should avoid.

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