How much does the average vegas trip cost?

There are transportation options in Las Vegas for every budget, ranging from public transportation to limousines. If you want to do A LOT, the Go City Las Vegas all-inclusive pass could help you save the money you spend. Since most people usually spend a weekend in Las Vegas, or about 3 days, these are some budgets to consider depending on your travel style. Las Vegas is much bigger than I thought and with that humidity, no one wants to walk on the Strip all day and all night long.

Many discount airlines such as Spirit, Frontier and Allegiant, as well as large airlines such as American Airlines, United and Delta, fly to Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, making prices quite cheap. Note that, for each next category, visitors shared how much they spent per category per trip to Las Vegas. The price of food at restaurants with tables in Las Vegas is usually higher than the prices of fast food or street food. Two people traveling together for a month in Las Vegas can often have a lower daily budget per person than one person traveling alone for a week.

Avoid using your hotel's minibars, as they cost a fortune, shop at Walgreens, with many scattered around the Strip. However, if you're really tight on money, there are a lot of CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aids along the Strip, where you can buy alcohol to drink while you walk or to drink in your room before leaving. Las Vegas can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be, so here are some approximate prices for a trip to Las Vegas. Although the craps table is my favorite habitat, I'm going away to explore new attractions, shows, restaurants and outdoor activities in Las Vegas with the intention of sharing my experiences.

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